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Peep into the extremely numerous aesthetics — the trend of decorative accessories for women’s sweater.

 Form: July 12, 2021



Review — Low Luxury Attack of Handmade Decoration Accessories (Extreme Complex Aesthetics)

Handmade decor is becoming increasingly important in the early fall of 2021 market. Hand hook, ironing, beading, embroidery and other traditional techniques are valued again and used in the development and design of sweaters. Handmade decoration techniques have been redesigned to better fit the customer’s needs according to the different positioning of the style. The sweater market in the quarter of 2021 saw a mix and match of minimalist styles, with embellishments emphasizing the importance of details. Drilling, sequins, tubes, beads and other accessories return again, and even do a combination of processes to present a local extremely complex aesthetics. However, the “complexity” of the craft is skillfully integrated into the basic profile of the sweater, presenting a unique and exquisite “extreme complexity aesthetics” in the early autumn 2021 market. (Hook: Review “Saluting the Past by Redefining the Future — Trends in Women’s Sweater Crafting (Crocheting)”)



Accessories — hot drilling

The emphasis on hot drills is no longer on graphics, and we have highlighted the importance of “piecemedic” hot drills in our previous trends and will continue to be popular in the early fall 2021 market. Was easy to control hot drilling technology in the new season has brought production test, the trend of early warning, according to the hot drilling combined with knitting piece is the most popular way of “joint”, but not on the surface of the knitting piece is bright and clean bring certain difficulty to drills very fastness, if new, knitting on hot drilling test need positioning pattern is more efficiency, But these still can not affect the hot drilling and thick needle fusion trend, need special attention.



Accessories — pearl

The application of pearl more what give a prize is to be in fashionable and recreational series. The pearl of different specification, strewn at random have send ground to string tassel form adornment to go up at sweater design, make originally leisure sweater money took refined feminine temperament. And the pearl graphic arrangement with small area decoration in the garment body is also the new season’s popular point, the choice of pearl accessories texture is particularly important, the texture of pearl to a large extent decided the texture of sweater style.



Accessories — pipe, ball (flow line)

The most commonly used 11/0 round beads have a sparkly sparkle like sporadic ironed diamonds but are more low-key. Even if the sewing cost is relatively high, but it can give a more low-key but exquisite sense of handwork. And different specifications of the tube to flow in the sweater style in the new season is also very concerned about, although the tube is small, but the density is large, the use of sweater style trend to local decoration is more suitable for the market.



Accessories — tube, round/corner bead (pictorial)

Different specifications of pipe, round/horn beads and other accessories in the new season must pay special attention to, we emphasize that it is more ground market local pattern design, in order to reflect the smooth line sense of pipe, bead, often combined with embroidery line into the pattern design.



Accessories — drill chain

Bead chains have gradually disappeared from the popular stage, instead of the texturized diamond chain, the drape effect of the diamond chain is suitable for tassel design, and the long chain makes it easier to stitch by hand, which can improve more efficiency than a single diamond, so the diamond chain is also suitable for the edge decoration such as the front of the door. Choose different specifications of drill chain, bead chain combined use can make the use of accessories more rich sense of hierarchy.




Accessories — sequins

In Valentino’s order for 20/21 autumn and winter, single sequin accessories were used to decorate a large number of sweater styles. The new season sequin accessories are also worthy of attention, which is not only reflected in thick needles, but also fine needles. And the geometric graphics of sequins and the integration of jacquard sweater is a more popular trend direction.



Accessory combination — badges (hand-made)

In addition to the “complicated” and miscellany craft decoration of single accessories such as hot drill, pearl, pipe, round/corner bead, diamond chain and sequins mentioned above, which needs special attention in the quarter of 2021, the “extremely complicated decoration” of local combination craft in basic sweater style also returns again with low luxury. Hand-beaded badges are more refined than mass-produced badges, which will be a key decorative design point for the early fall 2021 market.




Accessories combination — into the embroidery line

The embroider line that contains burnish feeling and sequin, drill to act the role of, tube, bead wait for auxiliary material union, even ribbon also is joined among them to build more lifelike three-dimensional design image, and plant flowers are the easiest to get in this one design more vivid present.



Accessory combination — flowers

Flower design is popular in the women’s sweater market. With the diversified integration of accessories, compared with the previous three-dimensional flower beads, the flower performance in the quarter of 2021 is more flat to reflect the modern sense of flowers.



Accessory combination — animal

The animal image designed by the combination of accessories is vivid and interesting but gets rid of childish feeling. It will be greatly welcomed in the middle and high end young market of the new season.




Accessories combination – Marine life

Marine creatures give people closeness, feel the comfort of nature, free power. Its fresh image in the new season will be welcomed by the Chung Sook market.



Accessory combination – fruit

Image of the fruit nail bead has a beautiful color full of appetite, but in the zhongshu market is widely praised, local clusters appear, or large area to occupy the style can attract the attention of zhongshu market.




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