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OEM ODM Customized Factory Directly,Various Styles Of Cotton Fitted Face Mask.

Form: June 9, 2021

Since the outbreak of “COVID-19″, Lisen company produces a large number of masks and isolation gowns, and exports various anti-epidemic materials to Europe. Up to now the total order amount is 200 million RMB, and the products have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad.





Direct supplier of masks, factory direct sales, customized printed cloth masks, suitable for many occasions. Mask manufacturers and mask manufacturers company choose high-quality fabrics, which are elastic and comfortable, tightly integrated, breathable and not stuffy. Masks with filters, custom masks with logos, online custom masks, custom adjustable masks, cloth masks, fabric masks with nose line, fabric masks with filters, cloth masks in bulk, masks with logos , Print mask pattern Custom printed masks, printed cloth masks. All can be customized. You can contact us at sophie@hflisen.com.


Product Customization

Mask customization, only 3 steps

Embroidery, Printing, Hot stamping, Hot drilling, Fabric, Size, Packaging can be customized



The earrings of our cotton mask are adjustable, and you can freely change the length according to the contour of the face. It is more comfortable to wear while providing protection. Washable and reusable. Keep your family and yourself safe. This mask is suitable for outdoor sports, such as cycling, camping, running, traveling, climbing and daily use. Protect you from smog, smog, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking, etc.


We have our own factory, a Chinese mask manufacturer, selling masks, various types that can be customized, and look forward to cooperating with you!

Post time: Jun-09-2021