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Congratulations to Lisen Import and Export Co., Ltd. on its relocation.

Form: September 3, 2021


Hefei Lisen Import and Export Co., Ltd., established in 2018, is located in Shushan District, Hefei city. It is mainly engaged in garment production and sales and acts as an agent for various import and export businesses.Now it has three factories, Hefei Lilan Garment Co., Ltd.established in 2008, Hefei Lijing Garment Co., Ltd. established in 2011,and Hefei Southeast Goodwill Garment Co., Ltd., which was established in 2017. It has 8 modern hanging production lines, with a total of more than 300 workers and a monthly production capacity of 400000 pieces.

The company’s main products are men’s and women’s clothing, jackets, uniforms and school uniforms. The customer include Spain ZARA, Sweden H&M, ONLY, Russia OODJI, the uniform customization of various companies and so on. Our factory have passed the factory inspection of INDITEX, H&M and WAL-MART’S. So the quality is trustworthy. It is worth mentioning that since the outbreak of Covid-19, Lisen has produced a large number of masks and isolation gown, and exported various anti epidemic materials to Europe. We also have a local business representative in Europe who can understand customer needs more easily and cooperate more smoothly and efficiently.

Lisen company’s vision is to be a modern clothing supply chain and provide our customers the best service, the best value!

Evening Dresses/Girls’ Dresses/Dresses/Plus Size Dress/Dresses Women/Career Dresses/Club Dresses/Prom Dresses/Summer Dresses/Womens Dress/Dresses Women Lady Elegant/Bodycon Dress/Cocktail Dresses/Sexy Dress/Flower Girls Dress/Stylish Sexy Dress/Maxi Dress/Party Dresses/Ladies Dresses/Other Dresses/Long Dress/Dresses Women Lady/Dressing Shirts/Sustainable Casual Dresses/Boho Dress/Bandag Dress/Dresses Women Elegant/Maxi Dresses Women/Women Dresses Sexy/Lace Casual Dresses/White Dress/Sexy Dresses Women/Dresses Women Casual/Shirt Dresses/Sequin Dress/Long Sleeve Dress/Linen Dress/Satin Dress/Dresses Women Sexy/Mini Dress/Plus Size Dress & Skirts/Women Clothing Dress/Black Dress/Korean Dress/Clothes Dresses/Night Dress For Woman/Women Dresses Casual/Silk Dress/Womans Dresses/Elegant Dress/Summer Dress Women/Girls Party Dresses/Dresses For Women/Formal Dresses/Fashion Dress/Wholesale Dresses/Kaftan Dress/Corset Dress/Club Dresses Sexy/Party Dresses Women/Red Dresses/Night Dress/Floral Dress/Hot Night Dress/Blazer Dress/Midi Dress/Korean Dress For Women/Beachwear Dresses/Vintage Dress/Women Dress Valentine/Dresses For Girls/Luxury Dresses/Princess Dress/Bodycon Dress Women/Dresses Women Summer/Rhinestone Dress/Dress Women Dresses/Dinner Dress/Women Sexy Dresses/Mesh Dress/Beach Dress/Red Dress Women/Puff Sleeve Dress/T-Shirt Dress/Clothes Women Dress/T-shirt Dress


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E-mail: demi@hflisen.com / elena@hflisen.com / luna@hflisen.com

Post time: Sep-04-2021